Blackthorne has been a member of the community and the Crucible family since 2000. He has taught classes on mummification, rough body play (slapping, kicking, punching and the like), impact play, whips, spanking, knife play and pony play for events and conventions since approximately 2004.

Alex McGeorge

Alex is a local BDSM event organizer and presenter, primarily known for being the co-organizer for The Crucible’s Dungeon 101. Alex has presented on the practice of BDSM and lifestyle topics in the DMV area. He enjoys scenes ranging from mild impact to high end abjection. When not enjoying the suffering of others Alex likes running around in the woods, occasionally indulging in his compulsion to get into places he’s not supposed to be and antiquing.

Team Soup

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We are Team Soup… perverts who really like to do dirty soupy things! We are into s/m and leather, while injecting a little chaos and whimsy. We strive to bring humor, sexuality and passion into our brutality. Polar and nephesh are known for a play style and workshops that lean towards the edgier styles of play; knives, bare handed impact, and blood play to name a few. We live in a 24/7 authority transfer dynamic and we are deeply passionate about power imbalance dynamics and the people who live and explore within them.

Domina Jenn & Pony Tromper

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Domina Jenn & Pony Tromper are enthusiastic Leatherfolk, Pony Players and Educators. They are founding members of the Rocky Mountain Pony Herd in Colorado. In 2018 they began training and competing together in ponyplay events. Pony Tromper is part of Jenn’s stables in Colorado “Pleasures Treasures”,  they have appeared on the Viceland cable series Slutever, and they’ve been covered by OutFront Magazine. Jenn & Tromper are proud to be the North American Pony/Trainer 2020 Leather Title Holders, and enjoy sharing their passions with the community through education and outreach.

Luke BoySprout

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This is Luke’s 6th or 7th camp, he has lost count. Counting is not a strong suit of a little. But what he does know is this is his first time presenting at any event, let along the awesome-sauce Camp Crucible!  He has been doing little things since he can remember, just like many of us have been staring at rope and leather since we can remember, and is hoping to tell you all about how it doesn’t have to be all sunshine and rainbows! Sometimes there are vans and ice cream men, but the ice cream is in their penis and you have to work really hard to get it!  He honestly does not 100% know what a presentation is, but people have told him they want his perspective, and he loves the sound of his own voice. Please bear with him as he figures this out, you all look like you will be lovely guinea pigs!


Plunging into the deep end of the scene 5 years ago, Veruca decided she wanted it all and she wanted it now! Starting off small and ending up a Master in her trade as the Administratrix at Camp. Bouncing around Camp, you will often find her with a blue mouth and a huge smile. Just go on up and say hi, if you have the golden ticket that is.

Ms. Cenna


Ms. Cenna is a queer Leatherwoman, dominant sadist, Head of Household for House Haven, and a community-covered Leather Master. She has been a member of the public kink and Leather communities since 2006, where she graduated from the Austin Mentors Program before serving herself as both a mentor and intensive instructor for that program. As a member of both Security and the Educational Council for SAADE (an education-focused group in Austin), she honed her voice, before beginning to teach and travel more actively in Texas and beyond in 2009. Ms. Cenna has taught at a variety of events including the GWNN Bash (Austin), Women in Leather Fest (Dallas), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), Kinkfest (Oklahoma City), Leather Pride (Austin), Oklahoma City LeatherFest, MAsT Weekend (Kansas City), Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire (Baltimore), Colorado Leather Fest (Denver), as well as various smaller venues and events. You can learn more about her work at



Dottie aka Slutress has been sharing her knowledge of blood play up and down the East Coast for more than 15 years. Her designs and photos grace many event promotional materials, including the cover photo of past Camp Crucible programs. Not only does she teach, but she also loves to play and be played with, and loves the feel from both ends.


smiling woman in corset with fancy hat

Adelasia is usually found in an elegant hat with large purple plumage. She has eyes and a smile that lights up a room, but don’t let that smile fool you; that smile hides a devilishly sadistic mind. Those brave enough to offer their back to her floggers and single tail can find that out for themselves. Her love and passion is for horses and the love of her life is her 26 year old Morgan gelding Bear. She has been a rider and trainer for over 20 years, with Dressage and jumping being her favorites. A fateful day over 10 years ago at an event, she was introduced to pony play and it was love at first sight. It was a great way to combine her love of BDSM and love of horses, and pony play has been her love and passion ever since. Adelasia feels at home training and handling the young bio horse and uses that knowledge and experience to train and nurture the human pony. Please feel free to go up and talk to her. She loves to talk to anyone and everyone about horses and pony play or both all day and night.

Robert Dante

Robert Dante

Dante is a professional bullwhip artist and internationally noted whip expert who has long been involved in the SM Master/slave lifestyle. He is the four-time Guinness World Record holder (broke his last record at Camp Crucible 2014), the author of Let’s Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills and the bullwhip chapter in Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns. Additionally, Dante is the producer/performer in the DVD Bullwhip: Art of the Single Tail Whip and has been featured on such programs as HBO’s Real Sex, Playboy’s Night Calls, and others.