smiling woman in corset with fancy hat


Adelasia is usually found in an elegant hat with large purple plumage. She has eyes and a smile that lights up a room, but don’t let that smile fool you; that smile hides a devilishly sadistic mind. Those brave enough to offer their back to her floggers and single tail can find that out for themselves. Her love and passion is for horses and the love of her life is her 26 year old Morgan gelding Bear. She has been a rider and trainer for over 20 years, with Dressage and jumping being her favorites. A fateful day over 10 years ago at an event, she was introduced to pony play and it was love at first sight. It was a great way to combine her love of BDSM and love of horses, and pony play has been her love and passion ever since. Adelasia feels at home training and handling the young bio horse and uses that knowledge and experience to train and nurture the human pony. Please feel free to go up and talk to her. She loves to talk to anyone and everyone about horses and pony play or both all day and night.