Beth & Preston

Beth’s passion is guiding people to make a positive difference in their own lives. She holds a pre-med undergraduate degree and a Master’s of Actuarial Science. After an 18-year career as an actuary and actuarial software developer, Beth returned to her first love – healing. Delving deeply into studying complementary healing modalities including massage, doula childbirth support, life coaching, Reiki and other energy-related modalities, she also extended her healing practice and natural innate abilities to animals as a professional animal communicator and healer. Unwilling to stray too far from her scientific background, Beth has included in her study a focus on quantum mechanics and neuroscience to provide a sound underpinning for her work in the more esoteric areas of alternative healing. Her focus is on helping people achieve the life and relationship of their dreams through coaching, alternative healing modalities, workshops, writing, and individual mentoring, especially in areas of spiritual, sexual and relationship growth and healing. She brings a wealth of life and professional experience that she freely shares to enhance the lives and relationships of the people she touches.

Preston came into the healing world through his wife. While he found sex on his own, in concert with Beth, he has found new levels of expertise and connection in the sexual and relationship arenas. He brings balance, technical expertise and humor to Beth’s presentations. Preston has a physics undergraduate degree, a masters in IT, and almost five decades of professional experience in areas of advanced technical expertise. He enjoys studying complementary healing with Beth and adds valuable support to the technical side of her work. Together they present from their own experience. They delight in sharing their learning with others.