Goddess Indigo

Goddess Indigo made her first boyfriend into a house slave long before running into the term Dominant online. That began her spiritual odyssey with a voracious appetite for knowledge. After honing her skills, she began teaching. The Goddess has taught on a variety of topics for many organizations including GWNN, HPEP, Stations of the Cross, BlackBeat, Weekend Reunion, Voyagers, Oshun Society, Beyond Leather, The Crucible, Club FEM, Touch of Leather and MAsT. She successfully ran the largest gathering of human ponies in the U.S. for years at Camp Crucible and was the emcee for the Pony Jamboree. Her educational efforts included hosting “The Leather Line,” an alternative radio show (KPFT, FM 90.1-Houston). Her performance art has graced numerous stages including Art Erotica and IMsL.