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Luke BoySprout

This is Luke’s 6th or 7th camp, he has lost count. Counting is not a strong suit of a little. But what he does know is this is his first time presenting at any event, let along the awesome-sauce Camp Crucible!  He has been doing little things since he can remember, just like many of us have been staring at rope and leather since we can remember, and is hoping to tell you all about how it doesn’t have to be all sunshine and rainbows! Sometimes there are vans and ice cream men, but the ice cream is in their penis and you have to work really hard to get it!  He honestly does not 100% know what a presentation is, but people have told him they want his perspective, and he loves the sound of his own voice. Please bear with him as he figures this out, you all look like you will be lovely guinea pigs!