Ms. Cenna

Ms. Cenna is a queer Leatherwoman, dominant sadist, Head of Household for House Haven, and a community-covered Leather Master. She has been a member of the public kink and Leather communities since 2006, where she graduated from the Austin Mentors Program before serving herself as both a mentor and intensive instructor for that program. As a member of both Security and the Educational Council for SAADE (an education-focused group in Austin), she honed her voice, before beginning to teach and travel more actively in Texas and beyond in 2009. Ms. Cenna has taught at a variety of events including the GWNN Bash (Austin), Women in Leather Fest (Dallas), Beyond Vanilla (Dallas), Kinkfest (Oklahoma City), Leather Pride (Austin), Oklahoma City LeatherFest, MAsT Weekend (Kansas City), Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire (Baltimore), Colorado Leather Fest (Denver), as well as various smaller venues and events. You can learn more about her work at