Whittney Matlock

There are many words that describe this presenter; unfortunately few can actually be published. Here is some of what we can print: His is a nurse, massage therapist, yoga instructor, Pagan priest, hook suspension artist, and outrageously skilled kinkster. With more than 30 years of experience in the BDSM community he started at the bottom and clawed his way to the top. Though, generally, he prefers someplace in the middle. A regular presenter and organizer here at Camp Crucible, mostly because once we let him start, no one can shut him up.  He presents on a wide range of subjects including sharps play, flogging, bondage, yoga, ritual, spirituality, and massage. When ever he shows off, he presents enthusiastically about creating safe, thrilling experiences and loves teaching folks how to do the same. Attending one of his classes? Bring your questions and good humor. He welcomes all who seek to learn. There you will discover new ways to enjoy the adventure you are on.