2019 Class Descriptions

The Art of Flogging


We practice because competence is sexy! Flogging is a beautiful art. Two people dancing together on the tips of the lash as they fly through the cosmos together. A good flogging can be a beautiful expression of love and respect between people. It can also be an unmitigated disaster ending in a hospital trip. As with many SM toys, some technical knowledge and skill are necessary before the tool can be used safely and effectively. Fortunately for all of us, these skills are easy and fun to learn. The technical stuff is mostly common sense. Here’s a chance to see some different type of floggers, learn about safety guidelines for flogging, practice swinging techniques and get answers to your questions about this beautiful intimate art. If you are spending the money to buy good toys, make the time to learn how to use them well. Your partners will thank you.
This class includes a lab section. Everyone is asked to bring at least one flogger with you if plan to take part in practicing strokes. Flogging bottoms are welcome and encouraged to attend. In the search for ecstasy, knowledge is your greatest power.
Monday, May 27th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Bark Woof Grr Murr


Come hang out with the puppies and handlers from Puppy Camp for this interactive workshop. In this class, we will open with the puppies getting to get into headspace and even learn some new tricks! For the handlers we will talk about some new ways to interact with your pups, as well as some really important safety considerations to keep an eye out for. Afterward we will talk about the different roles outside of pup/handler, and how these can change the way we play. Finally, we will talk about sex and the many options within puppy play that can be taken for a very fun and sexy twist. This class will be very direct and upfront about mixing sex and other kinks within puppy play, and might make some folks uncomfortable, so please feel free to stay for as much or as little of the second half of class as you’d like.
Friday, May 31st 10:30am-12:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Be Yourself or Someone Else: An Introduction to Erotic Roleplaying

Lee Harrington

So you’ve decided that it could be fun to do some roleplaying, but aren’t sure where to go with it? Let’s develop some skills together! Using classical evocation skills we will work to pull upon our sensuality, anger, sadness, and other feelings on command. Evocation is also an amazing tool for pulling out our own inner Daddy, pony, goddess, or slave. We will then turn to the idea of invocation, to tap into personal, cultural, and universal archetypes as well as other concepts that we are drawn to. Just because it’s not inside you, doesn’t mean you can’t learn through some simple exercises and brainstorming to learn how to “draw it down.” Bring your roleplaying fantasies or curiosity for this fun discussion and exercise driven workshop.
Thursday, May 30th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Black Tape Outfits


Applying black electrical tape to compliment the curves on the body creates many possibilities beyond fetish play. It has grown from just taping the body to becoming a new art form that has attracted visual artists, recording artists, and photographers from around the world. Black tape is being featured on not only bodies but pretty much anything the tape can stick too. Join us for a hands-on workshop showcasing the versatility of this previously everyday household product.
Friday, May 31st, 10:30am-12:30pm, Mess Hall Foyer

Breath And Energy Orgasms For All

Barbara Carrellas

Barbara’s breath orgasm event/workshop has become a yearly Camp favorite. Each year we breathe and undulate our way into prolonged, ecstatic, orgasmic states. This year, the themes are creativity and sex magic. You can participate in many ways. For example, you can…
learn how to have a breath and energy orgasm
practice combining a breath and energy orgasm with a genital orgasm—bring toys!
have a breath and energy orgasm with a partner(s)
dedicate your orgasm to something you want to create in your life
use the breath and energy orgasm to release old patterns and stuck emotions
celebrate another year at Camp with breath and energy orgasms for all!
It’s easy. It’s fun. It’s magical. Plus, you’ll be able to incorporate this technique into whatever kind of sex and play you enjoy for the rest of your time at Camp!
Tuesday, May 28th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Dressage & Jump Clinic

Pony Camp Staff

Ponies and trainers! Come to Camp ready to play! We will start the week practicing some basic dressage tests and jump courses. What is dressage? Come find out! An overview and basic gait training will be provided for those who need it and advanced maneuvers will be reviewed for those who want to try them, but otherwise this will be an opportunity to try these two classic horse trials without competitive pressure. The dressage course will be called out, so no need to memorize anything. Will anyone be able to complete the jump course without any faults? Come join the fun!
Sunday, May 26th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp

Fine Tuning Your Whips


Join our own Guinness Book of World Record Holder, Dante, in learning how to keep your whips in optimum shape. This class will cover keeping your whips in shape for better performance, including crackers, falls, conditioning, storing, repairs, elements of good whip repair bags, and more.
Saturday, June 1st, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Flying Your Form: Suspension Techniques for a Variety of Body Types

Lee Harrington

So many images of people in restraint feature a specific aesthetic of model, especially in suspension bondage. In this class, we will look at the realities of the wide variety of physical forms that we want to get up into the air – including OURS! People of size, men, differently abled individuals… let’s look out how we can modify ties and think creatively to have suspension work for us. We will look at why we want to do suspension bondage, how we can use our partner’s forms in combination with rope, and explore together for excellence. If you are already familiar with suspension bondage, feel free to bring along your gear, as well as your experiences and ideas, to experiment together.
Friday, May 31st, 10:30am-12:30pm

Freezer Burn


Fireplay: An extreme form of sensation play. Accelerant is applied to the body, either ignited and applied or applied and ignited, for the purpose of elevating the exterior temperature of the body. Liquid Nitrogen (LN2): An unstable liquid form of Nitrogen that is stable at 321 degrees below ZERO. It is colder to the skin than boiling water is hot to the skin. Not for human consumption. Freezer Burn will cover the safer practice of using LN2 in a scene. This hands-on class will cover the different ways to apply LN2 to the body, the mixing of fire and LN2 and other creative and fun stuff. Make sure you bring your mittens and earmuffs.
Thursday, May 30th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Upper Dungeon

From Rags to Sexy 101


Rooting for your favorite team or rocking out in your favorite band’s t-shirts can be boring and unflattering, especially if they are oversized. T-shirts right off the rack can be unbecoming on a woman no matter the sizes available. Luckily, there are lots of ways to revamp your old tees to create an edgier, more feminine look. Join us for some fun and sexy ways to give your basic t-shirt a stylish DIY upgrade. Please bring a t-shirt(s) to this hands-on workshop and prepare to leave with a stunning new creation. As Tim Gunn says “make it work!”
Tuesday, May 27th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Mess Hall Foyer

GenderQueer Bondage: Rope for People “Between” and “Beyond”

Lee Harrington

Ever had to struggle with how to put a crotch rope on a woman who has a little something extra? Wanted to tie up a transman who wanted chest bondage that didn’t make him look like a girl? Perhaps you just want to explore some hot ways to tie up your lovers to make them feel androgynous and exposed? Then this class is for you. We’ll be playing with crotch ropes and strap-on harnesses, alternative forms of chest and torso bondage (to emphasize and de-emphasize curves), and exploring a few other ties that can help us or our partner(s) feel seen as whatever gender or otherness as we experience ourselves to be. Bring two or more pieces of rope, 25-30 foot in length, for hands-on fun and exploration in this class for “the rest of us.”
Monday, May 27th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Live Your Fantasy

Beth & Preston

Kidnapping is a great way to live your fantasy at camp…unless kidnapping is a trigger for you or just not your thing. Is there a way to have that fantasy without the kidnapping? Yes, there is! What are your fantasies? What would it be like to actually “live” your fantasy here at camp? What if you could design a scene that would actually give you a sense of living your fantasy? This session is for you if…
• You have a fantasy you would like to experience here at camp
• Your “kink,” like mine, is helping other people live their fantasy
• You want a first-hand look at the actual process of turning a fantasy into a scene
We have years of experience creating fantasy realities for ourselves and for others, fantasies as simple as being touched by a group of people and as extreme as virgin sacrifice. Would you like to make your fantasy part of your camp this year? Our goal for this class is to extend beyond the workshop time into scenes that provide for you to live your fantasy
Tuesday, May 28th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Medieval Games

Pony Camp Staff

This is an afternoon of Medieval style pony games and races in the grass; including Behead the Enemy, log pulling, Dog Racing, Jousting and more. Once again, there is no experience necessary and it is all for fun. So Lords and Ladies, horses, hounds and bunnies, we bid thee welcome! Extra auction bucks for appropriate attire!
Thursday, May 30th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp

Obstacles and Blindfolds

Pony Camp Staff

Each pony can navigate a course when they can see the obstacles. What if the ability to see is removed? This is a true communication experience where handler and pony navigate the pathways and learn from each other. This is not a class, there are no prizes and most of all, no pressure. Come out for the fun of testing your skills maneuvering obstacles, with carts or on hoof, where only one of the team knows where they are going. We won’t won’t say which one!
Tuesday, May 29th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp

Plastic Wrap & Pallet Wrap: Mummification


This class focuses on using pallet wrap as the bondage medium. We will have 4-ft wide and 4-inch wide rolls. If you have some, then please bring it along to use as supplies are limited to share. Please be sure to bring water to drink as, depending on the temperature, the bottom being wrapped may dehydrate or overheat. We will be talking about safety issue with this type of bondage as well.
Wednesday, May 29th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Playing with Pain

Hardy Haberman

Call it an intense stimulation, unpleasant sensations, or a cathartic catalyst. Whatever you call it the reality is pain. It can be a motivating force or a consequence but in the world of BDSM it is a key to unlocking some of the most amazing experiences imaginable. Though many people who enjoy BDSM will tell you that they are not “into pain”, they forget that in almost any kind of activity in the dungeon or bedroom, pain plays a significant role. From a playful swat of an erotic spanking to an out-of-body experience brought on through an intense temporary piercing, pain can produce amazing effects. Playing with Pain explores the often overlooked secrets of how people process pain in an erotic setting and the dynamic power exchange involved. It also explains how intense stimulation can be applied in precise and measured ways.
Sunday, May 26th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Poly Tantra for Triads, Quads, and More

Barbara Carrellas

Tantra is traditionally practiced in pairs—the erotic dance of Consciousness (Shiva) and Energy (Shakti). But what happens when the Tantric dance includes three or more? More Consciousness! More Energy! More Hot Fun! In this workshops we’ll not only adapt traditional Tantric techniques for loving configurations of all descriptions, we’ll even invent some new ones. Come with your beloveds, or team up with other singles and couples (consensually, of course) when you arrive.
Thursday, May 30th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Pony Camp Craft Share

Pony Camp Staff

Pony Play has a reputation for costing too much, but there are lots of things we can make for ourselves. Ponies and trainers, bring your projects and ideas to share. From simple rope bits, to beautiful chain-mail bits; from easy harnesses to learning leather and creating hooves and ears, pony camp is full of talent and creativity. We will share ideas and techniques and spend some time working on things and helping each other. If you are new to pony play and are afraid to invest in expensive tack, or don’t know where to start, this will be a great time to check out the possibilities.
Wednesday, May 29th 10:30am-12:30pm, Pony Camp

Pony Exploratorium

Pony Camp Staff

Didn’t everyone want a Pony when they were little? (I did) Who doesn’t admire the pretty Ponies and secretly think, “I want a pony!” Or “ I want to be a Pony too!” Now is your chance. Come explore your wild side! Feel the wind in your mane and the earth under hoof as we help you explore this this amazing transformation. Or if you want to be a trainer, come find out the many ways to care for and work your pony. This is a learning interactive for beginning ponyplay. So if you have never tried ponyplay before and want to see what it is all about, or if you’ve tried it and want some new ideas, this is the place and time. Come try out many of the different aspects of ponyplay. All skill levels for Ponies and trainers are welcome. The only thing you need to bring is the desire.
Sunday, May 26th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Pony Camp

Pony Play for the Differently Abled

Barbara Carrellas

Have you always wanted to try pony play but thought you weren’t up to the physical demands? This event is for you! No matter what your physical limitations might be, there is a place in the stable for you. Not all ponies jump over fences or pull carts. We’ll help you find your inner pony and/or trainer, and then co-create create your perfect pony experience—it might be grooming, or carrot snacks or rolling in a pasture—or something else entirely. If you like, we can also help you design a pony show routine specially designed to accommodate your particular pony needs.
Saturday, June 1st, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp

Pony Show Prep Clinic

Pony Camp Staff

Whether you want some help putting together a routine for the pony show, or you just want to get a hands-on feel for pony play, this is an excellent opportunity to work with an experienced pony or trainer. We will work with you one on one or in small groups and tailor the clinic to your goals and experience. We can teach basic gaits and/or help you work through ideas to impress the judges at the pony show. Please come prepared to participate. Some loaner equipment and tack is available.
Friday, May 31st, 10:30am-12:30pm, Pony Camp

Puppy Play 101


Come join the puppies and handlers from Puppy Camp for this interactive discussion about puppy play, and get some of your questions answered. We are going to discuss
the history of puppy play, as well as the different roles and how to get the most out of your interactions. We will go over some of the different equipment used in a scene as well as how to negotiate this kind of play. This class is interactive, so please bring your questions and stories about your experiences with puppy play. Puppies are welcome to be in gear, and curious folks might even get to try some gear on during class.
Tuesday, May 28th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Putting the Sex Back in SM

Hardy Haberman

How many times have you heard someone say that “BDSM isn’t about sex”. That’s because they are doing it wrong. To miss the erotic aspects of SM is to lose the full impact of the experience. The class will discuss ways to create a more erotic experience from SM play and ways to enhance sexual aspects of the scene. Additionally the class will explore why sex doesn’t have to be “Part A” into “Part B” to be enjoyable!
Tuesday, May 28th 10:30am-12:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Razing the Earth & Salting the Land: Communication Styles for the Incendiary

Goddess Indigo

Living an Authority Transfer Dynamics 24/7 can involve unusual challenges on how to communicate when the discussion develops an emotional charge. Is it possible to have clear communication where all parties feel heard and recognized when authority imbalance is involved? Should one “step out of the dynamic” in order to fully express themselves? Join Goddess Indigo as we discuss multiple communication, de-escalation and repair techniques that are useful in creating a safe and effective space for resolving difficult situations.
Monday, May 27th 10:30am-12:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Remote Controlled Sex Toys


Remote controlled sex toys have come a long way over the last few years! It wasn’t long ago that you needed to be practically next to someone to activate their remote controlled vibrator. Nowadays everyone from couples to cammers can buzz each other from opposite sides of the planet. In this class, we will talk about some of these different toys, old and new, store-bought and home-made, what you can do with them, how they work, and issues that may guide your selection of your next toy. Feel free to bring along your own toys and stories and share them with the group!
Tuesday, May 28th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Rope: Back to Basics


This is a hands on class covering single- and dual-column ties as well as a simple chest harness. Recommended rope to bring: 2-4x 25-ft pieces and 1-2x 50-ft pieces.
Sunday, May 26th 2:30am-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Roping Up Your Pony

Lee Harrington

Some of us don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars on tack, or don’t like leather. Maybe you are traveling and don’t have room for all of your gear in your carry-on. Using just a few pieces of rope we will make body harnesses, leg wraps, tails, and even complex head cages together. Bring two 25-30 foot pieces of rope and one 25-30 foot piece of parachute cord to play along!
Tuesday, May 28th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp

Scalpel Cuttings: Beginner Skill Building

Master Rorie

In this hands-on workshop, you will learn and practice beginner level ornamental cutting techniques using a surgical scalpel on fruit. Safety fundamentals are stressed throughout the presentation. A brief live demonstration will illustrate the major teaching points of the workshop.
Wednesday, May 29th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Seducing Trust: Surrender Your Booty!


Our bodies are erotic play grounds. Every inch of skin is capable of feeling immense pleasure. In spite of this knowledge, one area is often ignored when listing erogenous zones. Your butt hole! Or, in polite society, the anal sphincter. Seducing Trust is about learning to explore the pleasures of butt holes with a partner. This class focuses on basic instruction and technique. No previous experience required. We’ll go over and use safer sex practices during the class to help you learn good habits. The instruction will cover breathing and connecting techniques, visualizations and massage strokes useful in seducing trust from this maligned erogenous zone. Participants must attend as a working pair. Because of the time limit of the class, participants will not be able to trade places during class. Please decide before class who will be giving and who will be receiving. Receiving partners are encouraged to be freshly bathed before class.
Come on a safari to the land down under. What treasures will you find hidden there?
Saturday, June 2nd 2:30am-4:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Seduction: The Art and Allure of Female Dominance

Goddess Indigo

The art of seduction is at your fingertips. Learn how to fascinate, entrance, tempt, and ultimately enslave with time-proven techniques employed by powerful women throughout the ages. Delve into feminine archetypes and find what resonates within you. Gain insight into your own power and tap deeper into your magnetism. Explore the soft, sensual, and sexy Divinely Dominant Temptress inside of you!
Wednesday, May 29th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Silicone Casting

TinkerDom and Nike

Have you ever seen something or imagined something and thought, “why isn’t there a sex toy like THAT?” Well, this year you get your chance! If you would like to create a silicone toy of your very own imagining, we will be happy to help with the casting process! You imagine it, you design it, and we’ll cast it! Please note that our casting process does not do well with large cut backs (ie fishhook or barbed designs, tree branches.) Anything more than “1/4″ difference is likely to tear the alginate media when the original is removed, thus ruining your mold. You can, of course, use common objects (we had a lovely Coca Cola bottle cast, as well as a banana) and we can make your toy vacu-lock friendly if you bring the vacu-lock part. If you’d like to design your own before Camp, you can use machinist’s wax, sulfur-free clay or you can do plaster of paris and shellac. Please bring your design, a container to cast it in (needs to have at least 1/2″ clearance around ALL sides and be water tight) and the money to pay for the materials that we will provide. Costs are based on material used -an average sized dildo takes about 6 to 8 ounces of material and costs about $30.
Tuesday, May 28th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Oasis

Stacking the Odds in Your Favor


This hands-on workshop is focused on how to create successful and safe bullwhip scenes without sacrificing intensity or enjoyability for both the top/bottom. Built on the foundation of Dante’s years in the BDSM scene and in the mainstream world as a professional bullwhip artist, this workshop will give you the practical knowledge to successfully create a bullwhip scene. Know the risks so you can make the smart choices!
Monday, May 30th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Trail Rides

Pony Camp Staff

Attention All Campers! Join us for a safe and pleasant ride on Trigger Ranch Trail. No experience necessary. Our Camp Crucible wranglers will communicate any pony limits and help with tack, hitching, grooming, and leading the ponies to carts for a supervised outing. Arrangements may be made with the wranglers for special needs, romantic rides or destinations (some hills excluded). All ponies are invited, from the novice to the experienced, to participate in some true pony headspace while being treated as trail stable horses (speaking ponies will not be heard except in cases of emergency). The wranglers will tack you up and you will give yourselves over to the experience. Ponies please come early for negotiation and to review your tack, especially if you need loaner tack, and please wear comfortable footwear without heels. A good time is guaranteed for all!
Monday, May 27th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp
Thursday, May 30th, 10:30am-12:30pm, Pony Camp

Trance – Playing with Your Mind


Every day of your life you live in a state of trance. For most of us, we move from one trance state to another without even realizing it. We get in a car and drive somewhere with little or no recognition of the journey. We interact with people we meet with little awareness of how we interact with them. Often we lose parts of a day and have no idea where they went. These are all symptoms of being in a trance state.
Trance is simply the selection of what inputs we will give our attention to out of the millings of things that demand our attention every moment. This is a good thing, without it we would be overwhelmed by the input of everyday life. The power of trance comes when we consciously select what we give our attention to.
Spend some time playing around with your awareness of your trance states. Discover some new ones. Find out how you can consciously manipulate your state of consciousness through the power of your intent and a bit of practice. This session will not change your life, only you can do that. It will give you the tools to change it into whatever you choose.
Wednesday, May 29th 10:30am-12:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Transformative Mastery

Goddess Indigo

How do successful corporate leaders create sustainable work environments that motivate, inspire and empower for others as well as themselves? How can we utilize these techniques in such a way that it is cohesive, mission focused, nurturing, energizing and fun? Join Goddess Indigo as we deconstruct successful corporate styles and learn how to fold these techniques into our everyday life to create magical and exciting authority exchange relationships!
Thursday, May 30th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Undercover Bondage


It’s usually fun to know something that others do not. Wearing bondage beneath your clothes or as a decorative part of your wardrobe can be so much fun. While winter weather lends itself well to this sort of activity, we will be focusing on using smaller diameter rope to wear beneath or in conjunction with an outfit. Please bring several lengths of small diameter rope. If you don’t have small diameter rope, then you are still able to participate in practicing the ties; they just may be more noticeable. 4-5x 25-30 ft. lengths and 1x 50 ft. length are recommended.
Thursday, May 30th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Wait, I Thought You Brought the Toy Bag?!: What to do when common BDSM toys aren’t available

Master Rorie

This interactive discussion will focus on creatively improvising a scene with “what’s on-hand.” We’ll discuss examples, some basic safety considerations, and ideas to get your creative juices flowing.
Sunday, May 26th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Mess Hall Deck


Hardy Haberman

It’s not something you do on a jet ski. We will explore the safety and sensuality of water sports including ways to incorporate this raunchy fun into a scene. We will discuss the “eww” factor as well as the delights of golden showers and more. Come thirsty, and be prepared for having an e peri nude not just a class. Not for the timid, but no one will be doing anything they are not comfortable with.
Monday, May 27th 2:30pm-4:30pm, Bat Barn Tent

Western Games with Pony Camp Staff

Pony Camp Staff

Ye Haw! Ya’ll come on out for an afternoon of Western pony games and races! Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, roping and much, much more.! No experience necessary and fun for all. So Cowgirls, Cowboys, and Cow-nonbinary people put on your hats, pull up your boots, and come out for a hoot and a holler. All species are welcome! Hell, it wouldn’t be a rodeo without a greased pig! Western games will be followed by the pony meet and greet, so help us carry the Western theme back to the Oasis and the pool.
Wednesday, May 29th, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp

What Are The Critical Traits of a Master or Dominant?

Master Rorie

What do you think the critical traits and attributes of a Master are? Can a Master be successful in his or her family and in the larger Community without one or two of your traits or attributes? Those can be tough questions. Come join us as we sort through the various answers to these and other related questions. For simplicity’s sake we are using the terms Master and Dominant actually to reference any power exchange relationship. You are welcome to attend if you are in, or just curious about power exchange relationships: Master/slave, Dom/sub, Daddy/girl, Owner/property……….. etc., are all welcome.
Saturday, June 1st, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Mess Hall Deck

Whips: One on One


Dante has graciously agreed to offer a limited number of one on one sessions during Camp. Whether you are a beginner or experienced whip master, this is not an opportunity to be missed. Please contact Dante to set up your individual meeting time.
Full Monty