Pony Camp



Calling all pony boys and girls, mules, donkeys, stable kitties, carriage puppies, groomers, and trainers! The herd is gathering once again for a fantasy week full of tips and training, friendship, and fun! If you’ve ever dreamed of a place where you can indulge your four-footed fantasy for days at a time, or for just an hour, you will find a warm welcome in this rare and unique setting.

Pony Camp is the largest collection of ponies and trainers at any event on the East Coast and possibly in the country. It is a full week (or half if that is all you can do) immersive experience. There are carts for use by campers to pull their handlers down trails; a jump course; stalls and green grass to roll in. It is the perfect chance to take pony play out of doors and a step past curiosity into experience. Come to classes by experienced pony players and learn pony gaits, pony body language, and if you are a handler, how to work your pony into pony headspace. Participate in a filthy fox hunt which will end in the beating of the fox; barrel racing; and morning trail rides. Come find your inner pony or let it out like you never have before.

Pony Meet & Greet

Calling all ponies, trainers, pony lovers, pony-curious and friends, oh hell, everyone! Pony camp hosts Mint Juleps, official beverage of the Kentucky Derby & Camp Crucible Pony Camp, at the Oasis. Hang out with the ponies and raise a glass with new friends and long-time Campers . This is the perfect chance to catch up on what you missed from the first half of Camp. If you are curious, this is your chance to ask your burning questions (really you can do that any time, but this is your chance to ask them while we are drinking.) Join us! Nickers and Whinny!

Wednesday, 5:00pm-6:00pm, Oasis

The Camp Crucible “Lucky Fucker” Pony Show

Always a Camp favorite! Whether you are new to pony play or been horsing around for years, this competition gives you an opportunity to strut your stuff. Named in memorium for our beloved “Lucky Fucker” Jeff, this is the event where anything can happen and usually does. Of course the pony herd will be in fine form, performing feats of skill and endurance. The greatest and biggest pony show on Earth is BDSM on a highly entertaining level.

Friday, 2:30pm-4:30pm, Pony Camp