Goddess Indigo

Goddess Indigo made her first boyfriend into a house slave without ever having heard of BDSM. She had him cooking and bringing her lunch to her job with silverware and and dishes, he tied her shoes when she snapped her fingers and always carried her up stairs.

She accidentally ran into the term Dominant online and realized that the activities she had been indulging in had a name. She developed a voracious appetite for learning all she could about our lifestyle and was an apt pupil.

After honing her skills, she began teaching. She was the host of “The Leather Line,” an alternative radio show on KPFT, FM 90.1 in Houston, TX for a number of years. The Goddess has edified on a variety of topics such as Pony Play, E.M.P.O.W.E.R. The Feminine, BDSM and Hypnosis (she is a certified therapeutic hypnotist), Fostering Addiction, Advanced Medical Play, Extreme Cock and Ball Torture, Cross-Dressing and Feminization, Water Sports, Pony Play, The Art and Allure of Feminine Domination, Temporary Branding, Electrical Play and Male/Female Fisting as well as performed for organizations across the nation including The Crucible, GWNN, Beyond Leather, IMSL, Stations of the Cross, BlackBeat, The UnderGround, Voyagers, HPEP, Club FEM, Art Erotica and MAsT.