There will be NO CHORES for Camp Crucible Weekend 2021!

In order to keep Camp reasonably priced but running as smoothly as possible, attendees are expected to help out with some simple but necessary tasks during the course of the session. Chores are also a great way to meet your fellow campers, and many of them are fun!

Campers attending for the full (9 day) session sign up for a total of 4 two-hour chore shifts. Half sessions or weekend attendees sign up for 2 two-hour chore shifts. You’ll sign up for your chores when you arrive at camp.

All chores require that you report to HQ at the beginning of each chore shift you work to sign in so that we know you showed up! Then, come back when you finish to collect your Camp Cash.

The chores are pretty easy, and there’s a range of choices:


Perhaps you’ve always fancied yourself one of those slick Vegas dealers, or a cool croupier? Here is your chance to see if you’ve got what it takes and help out at Casino Night. If you’ve never played any of the games before, it’s no problem… we’ll teach you everything you need to know.


Does doing one job for two hours sound a bit monotonous? HQ is the nerve center of Camp, and the staff needs assistance with the variety of tasks that help keep things running smoothly. Floaters could find themselves restocking the drink fridge or the sunscreen station, delivering messages or other items around Camp, picking up around the Oasis area, or helping to cover taxi service so the drivers may eat. If you have mobility issues or can’t stand for long periods of time, this could be a good chore to choose.


If you are interested in seeing how all the Campers are fed, you might want to consider volunteering in the kitchen. You’ll follow the directions of the chef and kitchen staff, helping to prepare the meal as well as setting out food to be served. Some kitchen experience is helpful, but not necessary. This chore is worth two, so if you choose this you can finish your chore requirement in half the time.


Are you a night owl who wants first dibs on the late night snack? Come to the dark side! Part kitchen helper (food prep) and part clean up, you’ll get to do a little of everything and also see what everyone is up to at the end of the day.


Making sure everyone at Camp is fed is a very important task. This chore will have you serving food to campers in line as well as helping to clean up the mess hall afterward. No kitchen experience required. This chore is worth two, so if you choose this you can finish your chore requirement in half the time.


The Lucky Fucker Pony Show is the largest pony show in the country, and you can help make it happen. We need help with setup, wrangling all the ponies, trainers, carts and props, getting drinks and calories into the prancing ponies, setting up the arena for performances, directing the audience, and assisting the judges. Your chore requirement will be fulfilled AND you get to be part of the fun!


We are looking for people to provide some relaxing, restorative, non-sexual services to their fellow campers. If you’ve ever painted nails, you could give a pedicure or manicure. We have multiple massage tables looking for the right masseuse. We’ve even had some volunteers do henna body art. Do you have a spa skill we haven’t mentioned and want to help? Talk to us!


Do you want a chance to meet new people and learn the layout of Camp? This may be the job for you! We need safe, responsible drivers to staff our golf-cart taxis every day. You’ll start and end your shift by checking in with HQ, and in between you’ll travel in a loop around camp, helping your fellow Campers get to their destinations a bit quicker.


Some would say that producing the perfect waffle takes a steady hand and an eye on the timer to make sure it doesn’t burn. Others would say that the perfect waffle needs the right mix. We think that the perfect waffle makes liberal use of the non-stick spray and leaves the iron clean when you are done. This is the craft of the Waffle Artiste! Help your fellow Campers carefully craft their breakfast waffles and leave everything nice and clean for the next morning. No kitchen or waffle making experience is required.

You may opt out of these chores for a fee when you register for Camp online.