Camp Crucible 2024 – The Fleet Assembles
Celebrating 20 Years of Camp Crucible

Saturday, May 25th – Sunday June 2nd 2024

Clean Air, Dirty Living.

At a spacious campground in Northern Maryland

Camp Crucible is the ultimate outdoor 24/7 fantasy vacation for those interested or involved in BDSM, sexuality, sensuality, human pony play, age play, education, exploration, relaxation, and socializing with old friends while meeting new ones.

Uncrowded and unhurried. 9 Days of hedonism. Explore the amazing possibilities with that much time, a set of fantastic playspaces, a gathering of wonderful kinky people, and a real environment we can call our own.

Camp Crucible Registration 2024 Is Sold Out!

If you didn’t get a ticket to Camp Crucible 2024 we have Crucible Con coming up Friday, September 20th – Sunday, September 22nd in Piscataway, NJ! Check out for more information on that!

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