Puppies, Pet Players, and Furries

Awoooooo! Calling all human pups, kittens, furries, pet players, ponies, unicorns, handlers, and friends! Camp Crucible is the perfect place to live your pet play fantasies for a few hours or the entire week. Mingling with other pet players, moshing out on the grass, getting your kink on in (or out of) gear, rubber, or suit, playing in the forest, pupping out in the pool, or simply relaxing in a big cuddle pile and getting scritches, Camp Crucible has all the makings of a fully immersive pet play experience.

Camp Crucible also provides plenty of opportunities for pet players, both new and experienced, to explore kink and animal roleplay, as the largest collection of human ponies and trainers on the East Coast (and possibly in the country), and the longest fully immersive kink event on the calendar! Join in with the pony show, play with the littles, auction yourself off to break the ice with new friends, relax in the spa, learn something new to spice up your pet play at the many classes, find the perfect new toy or outfit with the vendors and the Swap-N-Shop, and have one of our photographers capture the perfect picture of your pet play character or fursona!