Dungeon Facilities (and other play spaces)

The Crucible Dungeon Crew has been creating event-specific play spaces for decades, and we have it down to a science.

Upper Dungeon

An enormous enclosed gymnasium, generously furnished with all types of play equipment including our famous Triple Tower suspension rig and dedicated areas for grappling, wax, fire and medical play.

Lower Dungeon

A large roofed pavilion open to the breeze, set between a lovely meadow and a cool forest. Enjoy even more mats, crosses, suspension frames, slings and a variety of other play stations.

The Great Outdoors

All of nature’s splendor is yours to play in! Be beaten under the stars, wrassle in the grass… tie people to trees or suspend them from branches. Play hide-and-seek in the forest! Bury your pals alive! Or, just sunbathe in the nude (bring plenty of sunblock.) With this much space and variety of terrain, you can be as private or as public as you like. So if you’ve got an alfresco fantasy to bring to life, this is an incredible place to make it happen.