Welcome to the best free yard sale in the land and a fabulous way to recycle clothing, shoes, accessories, toys, etc. that you once loved but now need a new home. Conveniently located in Cabin 19 for accessibility.


1)  What can I bring for the S-n-S?

Gently used, still wearable clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, jewelry and hats. 

2) Can I bring cosmetics?

As long as they are fresh and not “spoiled” (i.e. ready to be tossed) sure. We reserve the right to make that call, though.

3) Can I bring toys?


4) Do the clothes have to be scene wear?

Business casual, kinky wear, costumes, novelty tees or sleep pants, shoes, etc. are all welcome. All items must be CLEAN, GENTLY used, no holes, no stains, and no faded items. Anything unsuitable will be pulled from inventory.

5) Do I need to bring anything in order to shop?

You do not need to bring items to take items! All items are free. There are also no rules as far as “gender.” If you see a nice little item you like, take it! 

6) How does it work?

Bring your items & hang them up or put them out on the various shelves, tables & such provided. No one will hang your stuff up for you. If you want it to get gone, you must take care of that yourself. We will keep it tidy. If you leave it in the bag, it will STAY in the bag.

7) Can I help?

The Swap runs itself. There will be a chore to help keep it tidy throughout Camp.

Please try to bring hangers if you can.

8) Do I have to take my stuff back?

Any items left at the end of the swap are taken to Goodwill or some other such charity.

If you want any items back that were not taken it is your responsibility to pick them up before the Swap is closed & packed up.

9) Can I bring stuff for men?

This is not a women’s only thing!! Men are more than welcome to bring items. Guys have come shopping but we get very little in the way of men’s wear. So, yes we encourage men to participate as well.