Hook Suspensions


Want to get hooked and really fly?

Get hooked and fly. The ground crew is ready. The launch site has been carefully inspected. All systems are a go for a perfect flight. Hook suspension is an intense experience that offers the opportunity to discover how powerful you are. While flying, the mind can clear and deeper parts of the self emerge to shed light into the dark corners of consciousness. With roots in many ancient cultures, both Eastern and Western, this experience has been a part of spiritual explorations for thousands of years. Ordeal Reveals. Our experienced team has helped flyers overcome gravity here at Camp Crucible for the past three years. Modern technology makes the experience safer than the ancestors could have ever imagined. There are many ways to fly and we can help you find the flight plan that will work best for your trip. To schedule your flight time, contact the team lead, Whittney.

Sunday, Monday as time and schedules permit

For those not ready to take off, we offer the experience of hook pulls. All the intensity with both feet kept firmly on the ground. If you are interested in helping with suspensions, ground crew and drummers are always welcome. Find Whittney to volunteer. To schedule your flight time during the Full Monty, contact the team lead: Whittney.

(There is an additional charge for hook suspensions,in order to cover supplies. This can be arranged for directly through Whittney.)