About Camp

Uncrowded and Unhurried

Size Matters!

Camp Crucible is comfortably small; we limit the number of campers to one seating in the dining hall to keep Camp intimate. There’s virtually no wait for play equipment, and there’s always room in the pool! It’s also built to offer the luxury of time: with up to 9 days and 8 nights for you to enjoy, we’re one of the longest kinky events in the country (half-session and weekends-only options are also available.) And because of the holiday weekend, you only need 4 days off to make time for a full 9 days of fun! It’s both a fabulous kink event and an immersive vacation like none you’ve ever experienced.

Simplicity and Value

Your lodging, meals, classes, parties and most activities are all included in the price! At just a little over $100/day, it’s a deal that can’t be beat.

Our Site

Camp Crucible is held at a beloved alt-lifestyle-friendly campsite on the east coast of the United States. It’s secluded but still conveniently close to several major airports, and only minutes from both I-95 and a train station with Amtrak and commuter rail service. The grounds feature 200 beautiful acres of grassy meadows and woodlands, a lake, comfy cabins, a spacious dining hall, well-equipped social areas and dungeons, a swimming pool, and more.

Our Campers

We frequently call Camp Crucible a ‘kinky family reunion.’ Our attendees are some of the warmest and most welcoming kinksters around. Our relaxed, low-pressure environment naturally creates opportunities for you to meet and mingle with your fellow campers. Build lasting friendships, luxuriate in the time and space to do your own thing… why not do both? It’s all up to you.