Q: What is Camp Crucible?

A: Camp Crucible is the ultimate outdoor 24/7 fantasy vacation for those interested or involved in BDSM, sexuality, sensuality, human pony play, age play, education, exploration, relaxation, and socializing with old friends while meeting new ones.

Q: How many days is camp?

A: Camp Crucible’s Full Monty 2024 begins at 12:00pm Saturday, May 25th and ends at 12:00pm on Sunday June 2nd. Session 1 runs from 12:00pm on Saturday, May 25th through 12:00pm on Wednesday, May 29th. Session 2 begins at 12:00pm on Wednesday, May 29th and ends at 12:00pm on Sunday, June 2nd. If you’d like to do the first session and stay a bit later, or do the second session and arrive a bit early, or extend a weekend visit in either direction, extra days are also available for purchase.

Q: What is included in my registration fee?

A: Camp is an all-inclusive event! Almost everything is included in a single registration fee: all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a late night snack), most special events (auctions, casino, etc.), lodging, 24-hour dungeons, classes, pool parties, photos to remember the event by, and more.

Q: Where is Camp Crucible located?

A: Camp Crucible happens in northern Maryland at Camp Ramblewood, a site that’s been welcoming alternative-lifestyle groups for decades. It is an easy 90-minute drive from Washington, DC and about an hour from the nearest airport, Baltimore’s BWI. 

Q: If I’m not driving, can I still get to Camp?

A: Absolutely! People come to Camp from all over the world, and you can bet they don’t all drive here. If you decide to come by train, you can take Maryland commuter rail (the MARC train system) from either Washington or Baltimore (there is even a station at BWI) to the Perryville station. Please reach out to us at info@campcrucible.com as you make your travel plans — we can help. 

Q: What are the cabins like? Do I have to rough it?

A: The cabins are nestled in the trees and spread across the beautiful 250-acre site. There are cabins for groups as small as 5 people and as large as 20 people. Each cabin has hot water, multiple showers, enclosed toilet areas, sinks and mirrors, rods for hanging clothing, and shelving units. The bathrooms are freshly renovated. Single-sized plush memory foam beds are standard throughout and can be pushed together to create a king-size bed where desired. There are plenty of electrical outlets for all your appliances. There is no A/C, but each cabin is equipped with ceiling fans and Caribbean-style shutters and screens on all windows. Many of the cabins have front porches.

Q: Will we get to choose our own cabin mates?

A: Of course, if you want to! After you register, head on over to the attendees’ area to set up or join a cabin group. You may start a cabin group for you and your friends, including specifying what kinds of folks you’d prefer to share your space. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have your cabin all to yourself, but if your group is large enough we can make it work. For answers to cabin group questions, email info@campcrucible.com.

Q: What will be the minimum number of people able to apply for a cabin?

Cabin groups can be any size from 2 people to 20 people. Some folks have established cabin groups and request specific cabins. We will try to accommodate all cabin requests and if we are unable to do that, we will reach out.

Cabins come in three sizes:

  • Quads = 20 people minimum; 24 maximum
  • Doubles = 16 people minimum; 20 maximum
  • Horseshoe = 6 people minimum; 8 maximum

Q: Will people who sign up as part of different cabin groups be merged into a single cabin?

That happens occasionally. A group of 6 may join a group of 4 and be placed in one side of a double cabin. If it does happen, we will reach out to the different groups.
Folks who are not in a cabin

Q: Will people who have not joined a cabin group by the time camp starts be arbitrarily placed in a pre-existing group, or with others who didn’t join a cabin group?

Folks who are not in a cabin group will be placed in either the New Camper cabin or in small groups.

Q: May I bring my tent?

A: Yes! Many people in the past have enjoyed camping out. There is a small discount for staying in your own tent. Not to worry, you will be able to access a bathroom.

Q: May I bring my RV?

A: Yes! Register using the “tenting” option, which costs a little less than staying in a cabin. RV parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note: electrical hookups are available for RVs, water hookups are not.

Q: Are there laundry facilities at Camp?

A: There are coin-operated washers and dryers available for your use, and HQ can usually make change if you run out of quarters. If bad weather (or messy play) strikes and you need to wash comforters or other bulky items, there are several laundromats within easy driving distance.

Q: Is Camp Crucible accessible?

A: Yes! And no. There is an accessible cabin with a ramp and ADA-compliant bathroom facilities, and golf-cart taxi service is available. Please advise us upon registration if you require particular accommodations; we are committed to making your vacation everything you’ve dreamed about. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@campcrucible.com.

Q: What will the food be like? Will there be vegetarian meals?

A: We are very proud of our food. You will be served three meals per day plus a late night snack. The vegetarian menu has been created by our chefs in consultation with several of the vegetarians on staff. Coffee and soda is always available in the mess hall,. Water jugs are placed throughout Camp for your convenience. For those who have special dietary needs, feel free to bring your own supplemental food items.

Q: Does Camp Crucible have a dress code?

A: Huh? What’s that? Many of our campers bring fetish wear, and some love the chance to dress for fantasy all day, every day. But you can wear anything — or another popular choice, nothing at all (you may want to bring extra sunscreen!) This is a private, isolated facility. But do plan for safety: 5-inch stilettos can be hazardous on the grass and uneven terrain, so you may want to learn to love those flats, boots, and sandals. And health regulations do require that nipples and genitals, including buttocks, be covered in the mess hall.

Q: What are chores?

A: Chores are activities that help make Camp run smoothly for all of us and are, for the most part, fun! Chores can be anything from assisting with meal prep to helping run the Pony Show. Chore types and descriptions are available on this site. Chore signup sheets will be available during check-in when you arrive at Camp (and campers earn auction money for each chore shift, so make sure you show up!)

Q: Are chores mandatory?

A: Yes – and no. We set Camp fees based on on every camper doing their part to help things run smoothly. If you’d like to relax 24/7, you can buy out of chores during registration for an extra fee. But if you have not chosen the chore buy-out, YES, your chore is mandatory.

Q: What are the special dinners?

A: At Camp Crucible we like to celebrate with our leather families and our greater community. What better way than with a special meal! We will have two special meals this year.

The Island dinner has a similar menu (not island-themed food), but a much more laid-back vibe. We highly support the use of your finest paper products, the tackier the better! Bring on your flamingos, pirates, and palm trees. For attire we recommend Hawaiian shirts and sarongs, but again — you do you.

Q: What other special events happen at Camp Crucible?

A: There’s a lot going on! Come to Casino Night, and you could leave with a pile of Camp Cash to spend winning the playdate of your dreams at Uncle Frazier’s Notorious Top/bottom Auction! There are cocktail parties by the pool, plus our Cigar & Brandy Nights. Fire spinning happens almost every night up on the hill (weather permitting). A full week of Pony Camp activities culminates with the infamous Lucky Fucker Pony Show. Kidz Kamp will have many fun activities, including Kidz campfire night with s’mores. And last (but not least) there’s daily yoga each morning with Whittney!

Q: What if I can’t be off the grid for that long?

A: Unfortunately, this part of Maryland is pretty rural and Ramblewood is not known for their wireless, but there is generally cell signal. There is a Starbucks approximately 20 minutes from the site if you need to do some serious connecting. 

Q: What if I have to cancel my registration?

A:We understand that life happens and sometimes you need to change your plans. Registrations canceled prior to Sunday, May 14th, will be refunded, minus a 10% cancellation fee. Cancellations received after May 12th will receive a refund of 50% of the registration payment. 

Q: What do I need for my proof of COVID vaccination?

A: We require all attendees to have their initial set of COVID shots and at least one booster. The original cards, digital photos, or other proof of vaccinations are accepted. Please review our COVID policy for any questions.

Q: What should I bring?

A: We’re glad you asked! A packing list that reflects your specific needs can make the difference between a good Camp experience and a great one. A sample list can be found here, and we encourage you to use our slack channel to share your plans and get ideas from veteran campers. But to get you started, here are one DO and a few DON’Ts:

The one thing you MUST bring to Camp: A photo ID (meaning a driver’s license or other government-issued ID with your photograph on it). You will need this in order to check in at Registration.

Things you CANNOT bring to Camp:

NO cameras
NO refrigerators
NO air conditioners
NO hot plates
NO space heaters
NO pets

Q: Why can’t I bring my camera?

A: We have a no-camera policy to ensure everyone’s privacy and security. If you want photographs made of your vacation at camp, please see one of the official Camp photographers to arrange a shoot. 

Q: So, how do Camp photos work?

A: We have several staff photographers working to document all the fantastic stuff that happens at Camp. We also have a strict photo policy that we take VERY seriously. 

When you arrive, as part of the registration process you will be asked to choose whether you are willing to be photographed or not. You will sign a waiver confirming that decision, and then you will be issued a wristband and lanyard that are color-coded to let our photographers know what your wishes are — so we don’t take pictures of people who don’t want it, but we can capture images (both planned and in the flow of Camp) of the people who do. Please make sure you wear your wristband and keep your lanyard and Camp badge visible at all times. 

Q: Great, I want pictures! How soon will I get them?

A: The short answer is, it’s gonna be months. Remember that privacy policy we take so seriously? Executing it is pretty laborious. Staff members go through every single picture (and each photographer can easily take several thousand shots over the course of the event), identify every person in it, and make sure nobody wearing the red lanyard that indicates ‘no photos’ has accidentally been included. Once we’ve done that, we begin the process of emailing each camper a unique login and password to our secure website. That login will give you access to your pictures. As you can imagine, this is a long process! So it’s best to think of picture access as something that will happen in the fall, as a nice reminder of your good time… and then, it’s only a couple of months before registration opens for the next Camp!

Q: What is Camp Cash?

A: Camp has its own currency. You’ll find some starter cash in your registration envelope when you arrive, and you’ll earn more each time you perform one of your chores. Most importantly, you can use it to bid on people at the auction or at the brothel!

Q: Actually, I have a plan for the auction — and I’m going to need more money. How can I get it? 

A: There are lots of ways to amass a pile of cash. You can check with HQ and volunteer for an extra chore or two; we can always use a little extra help, and we pay. You can take your money to Casino Night, and try and turn it into even more money. But you can also get creative: barter for additional cash from friends who aren’t planning to bid! Pool your money with like-minded associates and form a cartel! The wonderful thing about our little fake economy is that it develops just as many quirks and surprising loopholes as any national one. In the pursuit of auction-based kinky fun, participate early and often — and don’t be afraid to get weird! 

Q: I have a question that’s not answered here. Who can I talk to?

A: Send us a message at info@campcrucible.com and let us satisfy your curiosity! Don’t wait until you arrive at Camp to get more information — we can help you plan for the best kinky vacation you’ll ever have.