Q: What is Camp Crucible?

A: Camp Crucible is the ultimate outdoor 24/7 fantasy vacation for those interested or involved in BDSM, sexuality, sensuality, human pony play, age play, education, exploration, relaxation, and socializing with old friends while meeting new ones.

Q: How long does Camp last?

A: Camp Crucible’s Full Monty begins Saturday, May 25th at 12:00 noon and ends Sunday, June 2nd at 12:00noon. Session 1 runs from Saturday through Wednesday at 12:00noon. Session 2 begins at 12:00noon on Wednesday, and ends on Sunday, June 2nd. Extra Days are available for purchase to start Camp earlier, or extend Camp later, for either of these sessions.

Q: What is included for my registration fee?

A: Camp is an all-inclusive event! Almost everything is included for the single registration fee – all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight snack), most special events (auctions, casino, carnival, etc.), lodging, 24-hour dungeons, classes, nightly pool parties, and more.

Q: Where is Camp?

A: Camp Crucible is located in northern Maryland at Camp Ramblewood, the site of many other kinky camping events. It is an easy hour and a half drive from Washington, DC.

Q: What are the cabins like, do I have to rough it?

A: The cabins are nestled in the trees throughout the 250 acre camp. There are cabins for groups as small as five people and cabins for groups as large as 20 people. Each cabin has hot water, multiple showers, enclosed toilet areas, sinks and mirrors, clothes racks and shelving units.The Bathrooms have been recently renovated. Single-sized plush memory foam beds can be pushed together to create a king-size bed. There are plenty of electrical outlets for all your appliances. There is no central A/C, but each cabin comes with ceiling fans and Caribbean-style shutter windows with screens. Many of the cabins have front porches.

Q: Will we get to choose our own cabin mates?

A: Of course, if you want to! After you register head on over to the attendees area to set up or join a Cabin Group. You may start a Cabin Group for you and your friends, including what kinds of folks you’d prefer to share your space. We can’t guarantee that you’ll have your cabin all to yourself but if your group is large enough we can make it work. For cabin group questions email Sarah@the-crucible.com.

Q: May I bring my tent?

A: Yes! Many people in the past have enjoyed camping out. There is a small discount for staying in your own tent.

Q: May I bring my RV?

A: Yes! Register using the “tenting” option, which costs a little less than staying in a cabin. RV parking is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please note, there are no electrical or water hookups available for RVs.

Q: Is Camp Crucible handicapped accessible?

A: Yes! And no. There is a handicap accessible cabin with at-the-door taxi service and special bathroom facilities. Please email Sarah@the-crucible.com if you have questions or concerns, as we are committed to making your vacation everything you dreamed about.

Q: What will the food be like? Will there be vegetarian meals?

A: We are very proud of our food. This is NOT your normal camp food fare! You will be served three meals per day plus a hearty midnight snack. A vegetarian menu has been created by our own chefs in consultation with several vegetarians on staff. There will always be coffee available in the Captain’s Mess; soda is available at HQ. Water jugs are placed throughout Camp for your convenience. For those who have special dietary needs, feel free to bring your own supplemental food items.

Q: Does Camp Crucible have a dress code?

A: Huh? What’s that? Even though many of our campers bring fetish wear and even though you may discover and dress your ‘inner pirate’, you can wear anything or nothing at all! This is a private, isolated facility. Be wary in your 5-inch stilettos, though, and learn to love those flats, boots, hooves, and sandals. Health regulations require that nipple and genitals, including buttocks, be covered in the Captain’s Mess!

Q: What are chores?

A: Chores are activities that help make Camp run smoothly for all of us and are, for the most part, fun! Chores can be anything from helping with meals to helping run the Pony Show!. Chore types and descriptions are available here on the website. Chore sign up sheets will be available during Check-In when you arrive at Camp. (Rumor has it that campers will earn AUCTION MONEY for each chore shift so make sure you show up!)

Q: Are chores mandatory?

A: Yes – and no. The basic Camp fees are based on every Camper doing their part. If you’d like to relax 24/7, you can buy out of chores during registration for an extra fee. But if you have not chosen the chore buy-out, YES, your chore is mandatory.

Q: What are the Formal & Tiki Time Dinners?

A: At Camp Crucible we like to celebrate with our leather families and our greater community. What better way than with a special meal! For the Formal Dinner, many cabin groups or families bring out their best china, silver, crystal and linens to set their table. The food is way over the top; usually steak or prime rib, as well as a special vegetarian entree. Camp will provide a red or white wine for folks but most groups bring their own. Dinner attire is anything from full leathers and fancy dresses, to tshirts and flip flops. It’s not so much what you where but that you are able to spend time with your Camp Family.

The Tiki dinner has a similar menu, but a much more laid-back theme. We highly support the finest paper products and the tackier the better! Bring on your flamingos, priates, and palm trees. For attire we recommend hawaiin shirts and sarongs.

Formal Dinner is usually scheduled for Sunday. The Tiki Time dinner moves about; please check the Camp Daily Schedule.

Q: What other Special Events happen at Camp Crucible?

A: Camp has lots of Special Events! Uncle Frazier’s Notorious Top/bottom Auction occurs twice – once in each session. The Crucible Casino offers the opportunity to earn Auction money. There are nightly cocktail parties by the pool, plus Cigar & Brandy nights. Fire spinning happens almost every night up on the hill (weather permitting). A full week of Pony Camp activities culminate with the infamous Pony Show (recently renamed: The “Luck Fucker” Pony Show). Kidz Kamp will have many fun activities, including Kidz campfire night with s’mores. The Afternoon Tea offers a relaxing respite on a hot afternoon. And last (but not least) daily yoga with Whittney!

Q: What if I can’t be off the grid for that long?

A: There is wireless internet available at Camp; the signal is strongest at HQ and in the Captain’s Mess, but campers should be able to get signal on the cabin porches.

Q: What if I have to cancel my registration?

A: All cancellations are subject to a $50 handling fee (per registrant). The last day to cancel and receive a full refund (minus the handling fee) is May 18th, 2017.

Q: What should I bring?

A: Below is a list of items you may want to bring with you. If you’ve got something you *think* you might want, bring it. You’ll want it. Trust us, nobody comes back to camp with LESS than they brought the year before.

REQUIRED FOR CHECKING IN: Photo ID (meaning a driver’s license or other photo ID)

A Sample Camp Packing list


Linens (or rent ours)
Pillow, sheets, electric blanket
Washcloth, beach and bath towels
Cooler and fan
Extension cords / power strips
Flashlights (and batteries)
Camp porch chairs
Chargers for ipods, etc.
Alarm Clock

Personal Items:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo/conditioner
Prescription glasses or contact lenses (extra pair recommended)
Prescription medicine and EPI kits
Allergy medications
Bug repellant


Or not! (but you must have something to wear for the mess hall)
Shoes and shower shoes
T-shirts and long sleeve shirts
Jeans and shorts
Raincoat and umbrella
Fetish wear
Bathing suit, if you prefer not to swim naked.
(Remember: it is clothing optional!)

Play Stuff:

Toy bag
Sex toys
Condoms (Safe Sex Play at Camp)
Lube and exam gloves
Aftercare blanket

Things you CANNOT bring to camp:

NO Cameras
NO Refrigerators
NO Air Conditioners
NO Hot Plates
NO Space Heaters

Q: Why can’t I bring my camera?

A: We have a “No Camera Policy” to ensure everyone’s privacy and security. If you want photographs made of your vacation at camp, you may see the Camp Photographers and arrange a shoot. When you get to Camp, at Check-In, you will be able to sign a waiver to either have your pictures taken or not. Each camper that asks NOT to have their picture taken will have a red lanyard to identify him/herself. This will ensure your privacy at Camp. Make sure you wear your lanyard and Camp badge at all times.

Your Hosts and Staff are dedicated to providing you with the ultimate fantasy vacation! If there is something we can do to make your time here special, please don’t hesitate to ask! In the past we have had the pleasure of host weddings, bridling ceremonies, and special commitments. We welcome the opportunity to serve you, if you let us know in advance.