Kidz Kamp

Welcome, adult children of all ages!

Enjoy the freedom to let your inner Little come out and play! Camp is the most amazing place to have fun for Littles, Kidz, AB/DLs or folks who are just kids at heart. Come join in the frolic and frivolity with age players of all types. We’ll have crafts, play time, and all sorts of things intended to make you feel as special as we at Kidz Kamp believe you to be. So get your Kid on and come play with us!

You don’t have to spend all of camp with the kidz, though we always love when you do. Come and explore and try out things as you feel comfortable. We are a super welcoming bunch to any littles, bigs, or anyone just curious.

Some of our special events

  • Campfire Sing-a-long
  • Kidz Kamp goes to the exploritorium
  • Pony Carousel
  • Kidz Magic Show
  • Trail ride with pony camp
  • Nightly bedtime stories
  • Coloring! Socializing! Mischief!