Be careful what you wish for!

Do you like feeling as if you should keep looking over your shoulder to see what might be sneaking up on you? Have you always wondered…”What if”?
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Does plotting against (theoretically) innocent victims warm the cockles of your heart? Do you enjoy the thrill of the chase, or the excitement of a well-executed ambush?
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There will be forms on the attendee site where you can tell us exactly what you do or don’t want. The more info we have on you, the better job we can do for you (or ON you, heh). Mild to wild, simple to elaborate, Black Kraken Acquisition Services, is deeply invested in Making Things Happen for you. (Within the resources and personnel we have available, of course.)

We cannot guarantee that your fantasy scene will happen or that things will come out *exactly* as planned.
You may be engaged at anytime during the week without notice. You may however, specify times and days when you absolutely cannot be engaged. (Chores, special class, etc) It will NOT be done in the Mess Hall during meals.

New to Camp Crucible?

We highly recommend getting involved with this sort of thing as a great way for camp newbies to get involved & meet people! Plotting evil together is a wonderful bonding experience! Having that kind of scene coming up unexpectedly gives you something to chat about for the rest of camp!

The Camp Safeword, “RED”, applies to all scenes including this kind of play. Don’t forget this is supposed to be fun and safe for everyone.