Camp 2017 Special Events: Relaxing does not equal boring!

Afternoon Tea

hosted by Sarah & Mike

While we may be pirates intent on plunder and booty, we are not savages. Please join us for a delightful afternoon of conversation and indulge in the luxury of afternoon tea, including a selection of teas, pastries and dainty sandwiches. Come dressed to impress or in whatever makes you comfortable. Just remember, pinkies out!
Wednesday, May 24th, 3:00pm, Mess Hall Foyer

Brandy & Cigars

hosted by B_Profane

Need a taste of civility? A break from the mosquitoes, wasps, and beatings? Then join B_Profane for cigars and libations at the smoker’s tent in the Oasis. Unwind and talk with your fellow campers about scenes, classes, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Cigars and booze (of a classy ass variety) will be provided, but, please, feel free to bring your own of both….for your fellow guests or just your humble host.
Friday, May 26th, 10:00pm, Smoker’s Oasis
Monday, May 29th, 10:00pm, Smoker’s Oasis

Camp Crucible Fire Truck (CCFT)

Why yes, of course, we bring a fire truck to Camp. Camp Crucible is the only Camp that boasts a real fire truck available for pictures, suspensions, or your own personal fireman fantasy scene. To avoid scheduling conflicts, CCFT will be attending Camp for the Full Monty. To schedule your perfect scene with the CCFT, see the folks at HQ.
Full Monty, HQ

Camp Photo *Optional*

We all know how great it can be to look back at family photos through the years, so come join us to have a chance to immortalize this year’s Camp Crucible Corsairs! The camp photo is completely optional.
Sunday, May 28th, 6:30pm, Amphitheater

Casino Night

hosted by Grant Emerson

Our casino offers you not just the chance to win, but to win big. If you have a go-to game, we’ve got your chance to go straight to the top where high-fives — and Camp cash prizes — await big game hunters like you. Use your winnings to buy a tasty “morsel” at Uncle Frazier’s Notorious Top/Bottom Auction.
Saturday, May 27th, 9:00pm, Mess Hall Foyer

Coloring Time Meet & Greet

hosted by Kidz Kamp

Curious about age play or what goes on at Kidz Kamp? Come meet everyone and get high… sugar high, that is! We’re serving cookies (made of genuine Girl Scouts) and milk. There might even be some coloring books & crayons.
Saturday, May 27th, 2:30pm, Mess Hall Foyer

Community Hook Pull

hosted by Whittney

Magik is a community experience. Ordeal magik even more so. As BDSM teaches, it is safer to confront a challenge with someone to guide, drive and support the experience. This year, as a community experience, we are holding a group hook pull. Hook pulls are an ancient spiritual practice that has survived into the modern age. It is a powerful way to experience ritual body modification and the altered state of consciousness associated with intense spiritual experiences. Participants will be pierced with one or two hooks, then have the chance to play tug-o-war with their ritual partner surrounded by a community of others doing the same. Hooks can be placed just about anywhere on the body. Our in house suspension team will guide the process and provide support as needed. For those not ready to be hooked and who are interested in helping with the ritual, drummers are needed to help create the sonic container for this experience (we have drums that you can use). Please see Whittney, our suspension team lead, to register for this amazing community experience. There is a $60 charge to cover the cost of disposables used in the ritual. All participants get to keep their hooks after the dance. Discover what it means to Get Hooked and Fly.
Thursday, May 25th, 2:30pm, Upper Dungeon

Costume Breakfasts

Want to earn Auctions Bucks and have some fun at breakfast? Auction bucks will be awarded for the most creative outfits and everyone who participates will get auction bucks too! So grab your themed ensembles for some breakfast fun!

Boxers for Breakfast
hosted by Leatherhearts
Time to dress to impress those jaded judges, so flaunt your most creative or entertaining boxers. This is always a crowd pleaser and the competition is stiff. All bits covered, please.
Saturday, May 27th, 9:15am, Mess Hall

Star Wars Mannequin Challenge Saturday
hosted by the Littles
Come dressed as your favorite character from a galaxy far, far away and be ready to freeze in action. With Baby Richard in charge (oh my!), a good time will be had by all.
Thursday, May 25th, 9:15am, Mess Hall

Kentucky Derby Lucky Fucker Pony Show Hat Monday
hosted by Sarah & Pony Camp
Ladies, it’s time to break out that fabulous picture hat or fascinator trimmed in lace, feathers, or bows. Better yet all three! For the gentlemen, bring your fabulous fedora or your cool panama to wow the judges. This is not the time for restraint.
Monday, May 29th, 9:15am

Delta Sigma Postal Service

The Delta Sigma Postal Service (DSPS) runs a mail service as a way for campers to stay in touch, flirt, or schedule play dates. Here is how it works:

  1. There are mailboxes at three locations: The lobby of the mess hall, in front of Cabin 5/6 and inside the Upper Dungeon.
  2. With each mailbox is a stack of blank Camp Mail postcards and some pens. Please return our pens when you are done with them.
  3. Write whatever message you’d like on the back of the card. If your message is in crayon, please use an envelope. Envelopes are available at Kidz Kamp.
  4. Write who the card is to on the front. Please do your best to identify who it is to so we can deliver it properly.
  5. Write who the card is from on the front. Please do your best to identify yourself because if we can’t figure out who it is to, we’ll come find you.
  6. Put your completed card in the mailbox. If your mail is urgent, do not put it in the mailbox! Hand your letter to a DSPS carrier so we can make sure it gets delivered immediately.
  7. Each meal, the members of DSPS will sort and hand deliver the mail as best as we can.
    Full Monty

Drumming in the Dungeon

hosted by Whittney

More Boom! More Bang! More Fun!
Rhythm creates a connection that binds us all together. For several years, our amazing kinky drumming family has brought their magik into the dungeon for a live drum session during the evening’s play. Recently, science has caught up with the shaman and and explored how live drumming alters how the brain works. What it found confirms what shaman have known for generations; within the sonic container people connect deeply and play like nowhere else. Here’s your chance to experience this magik for yourself. Bring a playmate and get your kinky groove on with your favorite kind of play. Bring a drum, or use one of ours, and join the drummers in making the rhythms that drive the play.
Sunday, May 28th, 10:00pm, Upper Dungeon

Dungeon Dance Party

hosted by Grant Emerson

Cruising the Caribbean is reason to celebrate… no matter which of the seas you’re actually sailing. Look, it’s not like you need to be some kind of geography whiz to party and have a good time when you cruise. That’s why we always throw a Dungeon Dance Party, without fail, on every sailing. The cartographers may point angrily at their maps, but you’ll be having a dancing, naked, beating blast… without even needing a beach.
Wednesday, May 24th, 9:00pm-11:00pm, Upper Dungeon

Formal Dinner

hosted by Admiral Frazier

Remember Sunday dinner as kids and getting dressed up to spend time with people who you may or may not have enjoyed…. well now imagine that same concept with your Camp Family!! Come and share a meal in your finest (whatever that might be) and re-connect. Now you have an excuse to use that formal china from Aunt Martha. If this is your first camp, you will have a special table set to Welcome You to the Camp family
Sunday, May 28th, 7:00pm, Mess Hall

Formal Dinner Cocktail Hour

hosted by Admiral Frazier

Join us in the Oasis for an aperitif and quiet conversati…oh who the hell are we kidding. It’s time to party because …well…it’s Camp! Full leather and boots, formal gowns and stilettos, shorts and t-shirts are all appropriate.
Sunday, May 28th, 5:30pm, Oasis

The Fox Hunt: Release the Hounds

hosted by subMissAnn & Pony Camp

Come and join the hunt as either fox, hound, horse or rider! Run and hide from the hounds, be the hound, or follow the hounds and beat the fox. The hounds will track the foxes and alert pony-rider teams by barking when a fox is cornered or captured. The ponies and “riders” follow the dogs and the fox will be tailed by a human hunter. All are welcome, but remember that animals must have a human guide and foxes must make their limits known. Being a social event, the hunt is followed by a toast. Awards are given at the Award Ceremony. To the hunt!
Tuesday, May 30th, 2:30pm, Pony Camp

Game Night (Clothing Optional)

hosted by Delta Sigma

__________ is the best thing to do on a Thursday night at Camp Crucible

  1. Play games with Delta Sigma
  2. Get naked
  3. Drinking
  4. All three at once!

Thursday, May 25th, 9:00pm, Mess Hall Foyer

Hook Suspensions / Hook Pulls

Get hooked and fly. The ground crew is ready. The launch site has been carefully inspected. All systems are go for a perfect flight. Hook suspension is an intense experience that offers the opportunity to discover how powerful you are. While flying, the mind can clear and deeper parts of the self emerge to shed light into the dark corners of consciousness. With roots in many ancient cultures, both Eastern and Western, this experience has been a part of spiritual explorations for thousands of years. Ordeal Reveals. Our experienced team has helped flyers overcome gravity here at Camp Crucible for the past three years. Modern technology makes the experience safer than the ancestors could have ever imagined. There are many ways to fly and we can help you find the flight plan that will work best for your trip. To schedule your flight time, contact the team lead Whittney.
Full Monty

Lip Sync Battle

hosted by Mike & Button

Have you always wanted to be in the spotlight? Dance around a stage and share a favorite song? This is your chance to do it. Costumes, props, & back-up dancers are encouraged. Who will be this year’s Lip Sync Battle Champions and win $30,000 of auction dollars?
Friday, May 26th, 8:30pm, Amphitheater

The “Lucky Fucker” Pony Show

hosted by Pony Camp

Always a Camp favorite! Whether you are new to pony play or been horsing around for years, this competition gives you an opportunity to strut your stuff. Named in memoriam for our beloved “Lucky Fucker” Jeff, this is the event where anything can happen and usually does. Of course the pony herd will be in fine form, performing feats of skill and endurance. The greatest and biggest pony show on Earth is BDSM on a highly entertaining level.
Monday, May 29th, 2:30pm, Pony Camp

Memorial for Those We’ve Lost

hosted by Uncle Frazier

“If there ever comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart
and I’ll stay there forever.”
-Winnie the Pooh
Tuesday, May 30th, 8:00pm, Mess Hall Foyer

Morning Yoga

hosted by Whittney

Yoga is for Everyone! Each morning, just before breakfast, come join other yogins as we stretch, breath and explore the wonder of our bodies. This ancient technology teaches the art of fully experiencing the moment by awareness of your body and breath. The practice is adaptable to anyone’s current state of health or physical ability; the most important thing is to try. No experience is required. These sessions are designed to be accessible to everyone. Class runs about 45 min. A limited number of mats, blocks, and belts are available to students. Those yogin who have their own props, please bring them so we have more to share. Join us each morning to get the kinks out so you can get your kink on!
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday
8:45am-9:15am, Lower Dungeon

Naked Knitting

hosted by Evelyn

Join your fellow crafty kinksters for an afternoon of S & M (socializing and making). Though the title says “naked knitting,” clothed crocheters (beaders, sewers, maille-workers, whittlers, etc) of any skill level are welcome! Bring your tools and supplies (and any extras you are willing to share) and get to know your fellow Campers while we make progress on our works-in-progress.
Wednesday, May 24th, 10:00am, Oasis
Saturday, May 27th, 4:00pm, Oasis
Monday, May 29th, 10:00am, Oasis

New Camper Orientation

hosted by Mike & Sarah

New to the Camp Crucible Corsair? Then join Mike and Sarah for a conversation about the ins and outs of Camp. Whether this is your very first kink event or you’re a kinky con veteran, we hope you’ll find Camp exactly what you need. Come with questions.
Tuesday, May 23rd, 5:00pm, Mess Hall Foyer
Saturday, May 27th, 5:00pm, Mell Hall Foyer

Night in Flames: Fire Play to the Extreme

hosted by Barbara Carrellas

Come join us for a rite of passage that weaves together spirit, flesh, fear, and triumph. You can fulfill a fantasy, confront your fear, and/or find victory and accomplishment. You’ll have your whole body lit on fire for a split second before leaping into the swimming pool. This is an experience like no other! It’s a thrilling, over-the-top activity for people looking for that “something more.” Please bring a bottle of 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol, a dry towel, and clean skin (no oils, lotion, hair product, perfumes, etc.) Everyone is encouraged to attend—come watch or come participate. This is one event you won’t want to miss.
Saturday, May 27th, 9:00pm, Oasis

Pony Carousel

hosted by Pony Camp and Kidz Kamp

The Kidz are all invited to come play with the ponies! The Kidz will help to decorate the carts with carnival ribbons and then have pony rides in the carts, round and round to Carousel music. Ponies, we will hook you up and make you work for your treats! There will be candy and fun for everyone.
Thursday, May 25th, 10:30am, Pony Camp

Pony Meet & Greet

hosted by Pony

Calling all ponies, trainers, pony lovers, pony-curious and friends, oh hell, everyone! Pony camp hosts Mint Juleps, the official beverage of the Kentucky Derby & Camp Crucible Pony Camp, at the Oasis. Hang out with the ponies and raise a glass with new friends and long-time Campers . This is the perfect chance to catch up on what you missed from the first half of Camp. If you are curious, this is your chance to ask your burning questions (really you can do that any time, but this is your chance to ask them while we are drinking.) Join us, nickers and Whinny!
Thursday, May 25th, 5:00pm, Oasis

Raise Your Glass & Kill the Bottle Cocktail Party

hosted by Red Ass Inn

How has your camp been? Did you learn a new skill? Push some limits? Make new friends? Have some awesome adventures? Come on down to the Oasis for the Red Ass Inn’s Raise Your Glass & Kill the Bottle Happy Hour and tell us all about it! Energetic tunes, raucous laughter and tasty beverages!
Tuesday, May 30th, 4:00pm, Oasis

Still Wanna Lei Ya: Queer Mixer

hosted by Danie and Digger

The Queer Mixer at Camp has become tradition and is OH so fabulous! Queers and allies of all stripes are invited to the Oasis for fun, fun, fun, including music, light noshes, rainbows, leis, and of course, glitter. Come show off your nuts! (Coconuts you pervs) Or perhaps you wanna get lei’d?
Monday, May 29th, 4:30pm, Oasis

Tiki Time Beach Party Dinner

Join your Camp Family for great meal to celebrate another amazing Camp Crucible. Swap the formal china for a fabulously Tiki Time Beach Party setting. Plastic plates and tiki tumblers are encouraged. Appropriate attire includes Hawaiian shirts, t-shirts, sarongs, & flip flops!
Thursday, 6:30pm, Mess Hall

Uncle Frazier’s Notorious Top/bottom Auction

hosted by Admiral Frazier & Bo

Is there a special person who you might have been too shy to ask for a play date? Want to have people fighting over the chance to spend time with you? Than this is the chance to sign up and see what happens in the auction!
Friday, May 26th, 9:00pm, Amphitheater
Monday, May 29th, 9:00pm, Amphitheater

Welcome Home Cocktail Party

hosted by the Leatherhearts

Camp Crucible is a family,so join the rest of your family for an evening of festive beverages, sharing stories, and catching up. Welcome Home!
Tuesday, May 23rd, 8:00pm, Oasis

Whiskey & Philosophy

hosted by Monsignor X

Join Monsignor X for an evening of sharing tastes of various whiskies and discussing philosophy, kink, and related topics. Solving the world’s problems is completely optional.
Wednesday, May 24th, 10:00pm, Oasis
Tuesday, May 30th, 10:00pm, Oasis