“We should do a theme or something.”
— Uncle Frazier, or one of us, ca. 2004

A pirate walks into a bar with a paper towel on his head…

Why not pirates? Back at the dawn of Camp, The Crucible Corsairs were born of the belief that even kinky outdoor madness might be improved by a chance to wear a cutlass and make alllll the booty jokes we know. We chose a pirate theme for the sheer fun of it, and as time went on we used that theme as an excuse to ‘sail’ to all sorts of exotic (and sometimes fictional) locales: The Barbary Coast, New Orleans, Jamaica, Treasure Island. Each destination was an excuse for additional hijinks; over the years, we hosted ship vs. ship color wars, actual treasure hunts, themed parties and more. Sixteen years on, The Crucible Corsairs are semi-retired… but pirates will always have a presence at Camp

The thematic elements are all in good fun, but you can show up without a scrap of pirate and still have a fabulous time.