D’s First Time At Camp

My First Camp Experience Arriving at camp for the first time in May I was both nervous and anxious. I had all the butterflies. The Monday voice chats from the discord server helped me get to know people beforehand and help me feel more comfortable. On the actual day when I was leaving for the trip all the nerves were there. Would everyone like me? Would I have a good time? It didn’t take long for me to realize that the answer to both of these questions would be yes. From the very start of camp waiting on the registration line I found that everyone was so welcoming and so nice! I instantly felt like I was at home.

Having a lot of conservative friends back home and being gender fluid hasn’t been easy, but what I found at camp felt amazing. Camp is a place where I could finally be my true self: wear what I want with people who not only don’t judge but show me such amazing love. It felt like my new family!

My first scene at camp was so amazing and memorable. I had a great top that made me feel so comfortable and checked in with me frequently. It felt so amazing to have someone be in control of my body and be so nurturing. It made me fall in love with waxplay and gave me a new interest. The aftercare was equally as amazing being that it was during the fireside storytime event. We cuddled around the fire, and I just fell into a calming and loving bliss. I never wanted to leave camp, but when it was finally that day, after crying all day, I knew that I was hooked and would be coming to camp for years to come! Is it camp yet?