Past campers saying what they loved best about Camp Crucible

“What do I treasure? Coming home to a place where I can be myself 100% surrounded by friendly, open and accepting people. And so many fun events and opportunities to learn and play that I wish I could get by without sleep for nine days. 🙂 There’s nothing I don’t treasure about Camp Crucible.”

“I even called my office and took an /extra/ day off because I wasn’t ready to go home yet.”

“Before attending I had several reservations about it. All were allayed within moments of arrival, and this warm accepting friendly atmosphere prevailed throughout the entire session. I can honestly say I have never been anywhere where the prevailing energy dynamic was so consistently positive. This was the most relaxing and “at your ease” place I have had the good fortune to visit and be a part of.”

“For me, what really made camp special was mealtime. Every other event I’ve attended, mealtimes were when all the attendees scattered to the winds to find food that fit their budget. Not so at camp. The energy felt as 200+ kinky people sat down together, at every meal, to break bread at the same time was beyond words. All together now…”Good Morning, Uncle Frazier!” THAT is what, for me, truly separates camp from every other event.”

“This was my first Camp and I hope to return for many MANY more! I have never felt more welcome and loved and accepted as much as I did at camp—the only complaint I have is that we had to go home!”

“I think it’s best summed up as- I went to camp expecting physical exhaustion and stretching my boundaries. I ended up on an emotional roller coaster through self discovery land. I came home realizing that there may be more layers to my kink than I realized…”

“I learned so much, not only in terms of tangible skills–but more about myself as well. From jumping out of my car to hug someone at the gate on Thursday afternoon, to my hilariously awesome scene, to losing my fire cherry in mind-blowing scene(s) up in Heaven late Sunday night, as well as everything in between, I loved every second of camp.”

“A few short days ago, I was a Camp virgin. Now I know what the best event in our Nation is. Thank you ALL for making me and mine feel so welcome.”