Other Special Events


The Fun never stops!

Even More Official Camp events!

We have nightly pool parties, morning yoga classes, fire spinning, cigars and brandy, drumming, exploratoriums, camp photo, Semi-formal and Formal dinners, and more! Even with nine days, you be hard pressed to do it all!

Camper-Driven Events

Our campers are a creative and friendly bunch, and frequently add even more activities to the camp experience! Weddings, handfastings, fantasy brothels, giant cardboard play-forts, naked slip-n-slides, pudding wrestling, game nights, parades, marauding gingerbread men, electrified musical chairs, and all in the manner of of other hijinks too numerous to name!

If you have a brilliant idea or special life event you want to bring to camp, Talk to us, we’re up for anything that adds to the fun!